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What is VetCAb-ID?

VetCAb-ID is a scientific project that collects and analyzes data on antimicrobial usage in animals in different countries. It is conducted by the University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Germany, namely by the Institute for Biometry, Epidemiology and Information Processing, designated as WHO Collaborating Centre for Research and Training for Health at the Human-Animal-Environment Interface.


What is the aim of the project?

The aim of VetCAb-ID is to describe data on the use of antibiotics in animal populations in different countries and thus to provide a data basis for scientific assessment. It is evaluated, how often an animal in the respective country, region or farm is treated with antibiotics on average. Additionally, information is collected on which active substances are used how often and to what extent. You can contribute by joining VetCab-ID!


Who can participate?

We are looking for project partners from abroad who are interested in collecting and analyzing data on antimicrobial usage in animals in their countries. These could be universities, research institutes, governmental bodies or veterinary authorities.


What are the benefits?

By participating in the VetCAb-ID project, you will develop knowledge on how to monitor antimicrobial usage in animals and how a system could be implemented in your country. You will be able to provide data for scientific risk assessment in regard to development of resistances. Furthermore, on the basis of these data, you can inform policy makers and risk managers, and start to implement a monitoring over time, so that you can evaluate trends and control the result of countermeasures.


What do we offer?

We offer you access to a tool to document and analyze the use of antibiotics in certain populations of animals, the VetCAb-ID database. Access is given to each project partner separately with defined rights to control data privacy and avoid any misuse of data. You exclusively work on your own data and decide which persons should be given access in your country or organization. You can use the database to evaluate your data and to analyze it by means of descriptive and basic analytical epidemiology.

We also offer you our expertise in monitoring and analyzing antimicrobial usage in animals. You are invited to get an on-hand training at our institute, following the train-the-trainer principle. Additionally, training and support can also be provided by using videoconference tools.


What do we expect?

In order to participate in the project, you should be able to capture data on antimicrobial use in your country. For a first trial, you need a data set of an animal population of your choice (e.g. usage data for fattening pigs in some farms during on a temporal basis). Furthermore, you also should bring a list of the antibiotics used most often in your country in the respective animal population, containing certain information on each drug.

At least the person trained by us should be fluent in English. The VetCAb-ID database is in English language, but there is the possibility to develop versions in other languages as well.


What about data safety?

In the frame of the VetCAb-ID project, we ensure data privacy and safety of the information you enter into the database, regarding the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and German national data protection provisions. We also will discuss any further data safety issue with each project partner separately, taking into account your national legal framework.


If you are interested to join, please contact us:

Institute for Biometry, Epidemiology and Information Processing

University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover

Bünteweg 2

30559 Hannover


Prof Dr Lothar Kreienbrock

Phone: +49 511 953 7950


Dr Sandra Brogden

Phone: +49 511 953 7967



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